Chemical Resistant Single Bladder WITHOUT Retraction Bands 45lb Lift

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Retraction Band Single Bladder BC

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OMS staff, after diving on the S.S. Aleutian Steamer at 220′ (67 meters) off Kodiak Island, Alaska (, ran into some Number 5 bunker oil. This and other nasty petrochemicals can eat through many materials, are difficult to clean off and can permanently stain your dive gear. Unfortunately bunker oil and other nasty petrochemicals can remain in a shipwreck for many years and if a diver makes contact, many hours can be spent cleaning gear.

OMS has developed an easy to clean BC and IQ Pack by utilizing chemically resistant urethane coated polyester fabric (5 oz/141.8g on the front and 5 oz/141.8g on the back). Both BC and IQ Pack are ideal for SAR work where environmental contaminants may be a concern. This BC has been redesigned to meet the stringent requirements of Public Safety Divers (PSD) and Military divers around the world with regard to diving either in polluted water or HAZMAT conditions.

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