Deep Performance Regulator

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Deep Performance Regulator

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The new OMS® Deep Performance™ regulator recently underwent extensive testing using a certified ANSTI simulator to demonstrate that they perform as well or better than many technical regulators at depth.  The performance of OMS Deep Performance regulators were tested using both US NAVY and EN-250 test parameters.  At the extreme with a 1200 psi supply pressure and the breathing simulator ramped up to 75 lpm, the OMS® regulator R=6– stayed well under the 2/0 J/L limit as they screamed past the 300 FSW mark until the chamber reached its max. depth of 329 FSW.  At this depth the OMS® Deep Performance regulator was still delivering a breathing performance at a flat 2.0 J/L! *Results of the testing showed that the R-600 regulator is highly recommended for overall work of breathing performance at depths to 329 FSW.  At the Navy’s maximum depth limit for open circuit SCUBA (198 FSW), these regulators are capable of performing at work rates )62.5 RMV) far above the Navy’s minimum 22.5 RMV requirement.  The R-601 tested with similar results.

The Second stage can be configured for use on divers right or divers left.

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