Workhorse™ Regulator w/4 covers

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Workhorse™ Regulator w/4 covers

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The Workhorse™ unbalanced regulator has been the standard in SCUBA diving for years.  Why?  Its rugged, simplistic, dependable, low cost design lends itself for use as a primary, recreational, technical and DECO regulator.  This 40% Nitrox ready regulator in fact was utilized by the National Park Service as a primary SCUBA regulator in its 190+ foot dive to the B-29 bomber in Lake Mead!  The Workhorse™ now comes standard with one (1) Black (installed) one (1) Green (Oxygen) and one (1) Yellow (Nitrox) cover.  This item comes as a complete regulator set with 1st and 2nd stages and regular hose.  Also available as an Octopus with a 40″ hose.

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