Featherlite Travel BC


The OMS Featherlite Travel BC the right choice for a light flight when going on a dive trip.

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The OMS Featherlite Travel BC the right choice for a light flight when going on a dive trip.

For those that are weight conscious the OMS Featherlite retraction band BC has been engineered to be one of the lightest travel BCs in existence, yet maintain the ruggedness of a technical BC.

This single cylinder travel BC achieves significant weight reduction by utilizing the strongest of FRPs (Fiber Reinforced Plastics) to replace heavy metal.

If you want a wing style BC, then the OMS Featherweight Travel BC should be on your short list. As well as well positioned D-rings, it has nice integrated weight pockets, easy-to-use buckles, and plenty of adjustment options.

Instead of Flimsy 200 Denier Nylon coated with TPU, the OMS Featherweight BC utilizes stronger 1680 denier Nylon with a double coating of TPU, yet still maintains its superior light weight characteristics. This protects your BC against abrasion and puncture.

The soft comfort back pad conforms to the shape of the diver.

The patent pending single cylinder holder further reduces weight and drag especially versus plastic blow molded backpack/tank holders that are commonly used in other recreational BCs. In addition the OMS single cylinder holder offers superior cylinder holding and stability.

Both pockets are streamlines reducing drag and bulk but most importantly the unique patent pending design securely stows up to 3.6 kg (8 lbs) of weight (per pocket).

Lift capacities for the OMS Featherweight BC are optimum for almost any cylinder capacity encountered during your travels:

Featherweight BC size chart:

Size SM – BC Weight 5.2 lbs | Waist 34″ to 39″ | Chest 34″ to 42″
Size MD – BC Weight 5.3 lbs | Waist 39″ to 45″ | Chest 42″ to 50″
Size LG – BC Weight 5.4 lbs | Waist 42″ to 51″| Chest 50″ to 58″

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